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Honest Supper Club

Honest Supper Club make Hearty, restaurant quality, plant based meals.

To solve plastic waste and guarantee meals are perfect every time, all food comes in oven/microwave glass containers. Simply place in the oven and serve in the same dish. No more soggy half warm takeaways. 

Honest Supper Club make restaurant quality plant based meals frozen in an oven ready glass "dish for Life"

The kitchen is the heart and soul of our family home.

For many years we’ve been having friends over for dinner parties which always went down a storm. One evening, a friend said we could make a good business from selling our meals.

We began throwing ideas around about how the business should run. We called our landlord to ask about the possibility of running a business from our home and he couldn’t have been more supportive; he even paid the cost of the renovation to make it into a commercial kitchen. The Honest Supper Club was born.

Using honest in our name was something we didn’t take lightly, we wanted to make this an example of how you could run a business, make a profit and not destroy the environment. We see that there are many companies around who claim to be “honest” “innocent” or natural but are secretly far from it - how did we get to the state that society thinks it’s acceptable to make products with no responsibility of the impact they’re having on the environment? It’s really saddening when we buy a meal from a shop or takeaway and we’re left with loads of useless plastic boxes that are hardly reusable. This is why we designed recipes based on the environment around us and deliver each meal in a glass container, that can go straight in the oven. It’s really not that complicated. ?

With around ten restaurant quality, vegan meals on our menu every week, we also have chef specials making a guest appearance, so keep an eye out on our social media pages.



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